Thursday, May 19, 2016

weekly rewind {april and most of may edition}

best: Will starting to smile - Owie's cute monster truck birthday party - Minnie's preschool field trip to Wheeler Farm that Will, Lou and I tagged along on - pedicures with Christine while our men watched our babies...happy Mother's Day to us! - family soccer games in the back yard after dinner - Mother's Day spent feeding our sweet mamas - Minnie starting soccer. It has been a bit of a rough start (she really had no clue what she was doing and would just run around like a bird most of the time) but with one game left in the season we are seeing some major improvement. She touched the ball like 10 times last game. I'm so proud! - Finally buying tickets to DC. We are so excited to see the whole Mecham crew! - Bountiful sidewalk chalk festival and finally going into Over the Moon where I found William's sweet blessing outfit - the tuft of dark hair on the back of Will's head that just keeps on going strong - park playdates with buddies - rainy day forts in the bunk bed - Tuesdays when Julia comes over and hangs with us for the evening while Bob is at Young Mens - celebrating Dad's 60th with a surprise dinner at Kyoto and going hog wild on alllll the sushi - the way Will loves his sisters...he smiles best for them - adventures on Lagoon Trail - walks and bike rides after dinner (but blast our hilly neighborhood!) - Will putting on some major pounds (double fist pump for that one) - Louie's obsession with picking dandelions. She's always bringing me "flowers" - walking into the living room the other day to find Minnie casually holding Louie on her lap. I died - being part of Jalene's Motherhood Project and going to see the gallery of photos at the Davis County Arts Center - Sweet Henry Burton's blessing at the Burton's house during the most epic windstorm - the Adseros no longer moving to Abu Dhabi...which should actually be on the worst list too because it was a major disappointment for Matt

worst: finding dandelions and other miscellaneous weeds all over the house (thanks Lou) - Will getting his two-month shots and the fever the few days following - weather that can't make up its dang mind - Minnie almost crashing her bike on Lagoon Trail (thank heavens Jessie's sister was at the bottom of the hill to catch her) - never wanting to make dinner but doing it anyway - feeling pretty sick most of the time lately and not knowing what the devil is going on (looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow) - laundry that never ends...which I think I list in the "worst" category every time I write one of these. With a newborn the laundry has doubled so this definitely has to go in this one - Lou needing a nap during the day but then getting up a thousand times after we put her to bed at night. She will literally turn on all the lights and just be in there playing and Minnie will be totally zonked out and snoring. It kills me - trying to get the motivation to workout. Eating banana chocolate chip bread and catching up on Nashville always sounds like a better idea to me - Sunday night blues when we are driving home from my parents house and it sinks in that the weekend is over and Robert has to go to work the next morning

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