Thursday, July 21, 2016

my mama's birthday

My mom is one of the very best people I know. She is my biggest cheerleader and anyone who talks to her walks away feeling like a million bucks. It is a gift. She helps people see the best in themselves and is always so thoughtful. She is the hostess with the mostess and as classy and beautiful as they come. Needless to say...I love her very much. We generally go to her house for a little party on our birthdays so I was excited to be able to treat her to a little birthday party at our house this year. This was way back in June, but it was such a nice evening and I felt like the fact that I actually got out my big camera needed to be documented.

Lou in this one is killing me! And her double bandaid knees make it even better. My Aunt Kathy was in town for the week which made it even nicer.

My friends' cute sister made our wedding cake for us as a gift and all that was left of it at the end of the night were a few crumbs. It was that good! I have been begging for the recipe and my friend gave it to me a few days before my mom's party. It was amazing! And I had been wanting to try and make pretty cake for a long time, just because, and this seemed like the perfect time to try!

Louie and Minnie picked a bunch of flowers (weeds) to add a centerpiece to their kids table. Always with the weeds.

Our ghetto swing always seems to provide some entertainment. I love this picture of my dad and cute Jeremiah.

Our side yard could use a little TLC, but our big Elm provides lots of shade in the evening, so it worked out well. It randomly rained on us as we were finishing dessert so we had to take the party inside to open presents.

Minnie was adamant that she wanted to make Grandma a necklace and bracelet for her birthday and in spite of my recommendations, she insisted it be made out of paper. My mom was so cute when she opened them and put them right on. She ended up coming over to our house again a week or so later and wore them again. Minnie was sooooo pleased! Like I said, my mom is an angel. She knew that would mean so much to Minnie, and it really did.

Happy birthday, Mom! I sure love you and I hope I can be as sweet and as thoughtful to my kids and grandkids as you are to us. We are so lucky you are ours.

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