Tuesday, February 28, 2017

don't blink

Don't blink or you'll miss it - a phrase that never rings truer than in parenthood. Meeting this sunshine baby at the hospital for the first time is so fresh on my mind. My excitement, my anxiety, the feeling of the cold table on my back and the tug as this fresh little sweetheart made his way into the world. And here I sit, 11 months later, and the every day sweet moments of bouncing, nursing, and kissing this baby kind of all just blur together as I look at this picture and realize how much he has changed. Time is such a tease. I feel like with every baby I kind of trudge through the first few months, waiting to get to my "favorite age." I'm sore, tired and my baby and I are trying to figure each other out and it is equal parts sweet and unbelievably frustrating. Then, my favorite age hits...and then they are one, and then they're starting kindergarten and then they're out of the house and on their own and I'm an empty-nester just wishing and dreaming I could scoop them up in my arms again and whisper into their ears how much I love them and how wonderful they are and kiss their soft cheeks and rock them to sleep like I did a million times a thousand years ago. Dramatic? Absolutely. But there are so many moments where it feels like time is at warp speed and I am trying with all my might to slow my pace and enjoy every bit of my time with these sweet little people. It's hard to believe it now, but one day it will be over and no matter how hard it gets now, I have to remind myself that it's not going to last forever. Don't blink, Laura.

William George is honestly my sunshine boy. He is as sweet as pie and makes life so good. He is absolutely into everything and makes me as tired as you might imagine, but he is such a gift. He's quick to smile, quick to clap, has the best belly laugh and is my mama's boy through and through. I love the way he loves me. My girls were never quite like that, and although sometimes it's tricky when I need to get things done and pass him off to Bob, I genuinely love the way he loves me, the way he wants to be close to me, the way he looks over his shoulder to make sure I'm there and watching. The fact that he is finally starting to sleep through the night is kind of making me love him even more too, if that's possible (bless you, sleep training). I love his juicy little lips, big blue eyes, the dimple on his left cheek and his little Alfalfa hair (thanks be to his dad for the awesome cowlicks). This guy makes me want a thousand more just like him, that is, if they're born sleeping through the night. Jk. Jk. I am 31 now, so who knows what's in store for us and the future and babies, but for now I am trying to soak up this sweet little bubba as well as I can.

Also, I took a photography workshop a few weeks ago to go a little more in-depth into manual shooting. Jill Thomas is incredible and I feel like I had so many light bulb moments during that day with her. One of them is when she said we should try to take pictures we don't need to edit and we actually like right off our memory card. I took these a few days after the workshop and decided to post them unedited. It took everything in me not to tweak the light or the color or anything, but I really do love them this way. I feel like I would post a lot more pictures if I didn't feel like I needed to edit them first. Here's to a lot more practice in manual mode and hopefully a lot more posting!


  1. Oh I just love that baby boy! These pictures are so precious. He does love you ❤ And such beautiful words. Time is a crazy thing. How are our babies growing so quick? Slow down little ones. Miss you guys, so much

  2. My favorite dream boy. Even as an aunt I have taken fewer pictures of him than I did of the girls. Gretchen and I talked in the way home last night about how he lights up a room just by smiling. What a good example.

  3. Ps. Nice work on the manual photos!