Thursday, November 18, 2010


i love fall. i love the smell of fall. i love boots. i love sweaters. i love the colors.

this is our apartment two saturdays ago. it was an unusually warm and sunny day and this tree just made me remember how much i love fall. i also love our apartment, even with all its quirks.

halloween has come and gone and as usual, it was not exciting. i dressed up as the devil for halloween on my mission for the ward christmas party (my companion was an angel). i think i have been a devil for 12 of my 24 halloweens. this year...i was nothing. hence, a lame halloween. we celebrated the week before with robert's family at a little family party. becca, robert's sister, LOVES halloween. i think she decorated her apartment with spider webs and bloody, sticky hand prints on her windows the day after the fourth of july. i believe this picture below demonstrates exactly how much becca loves halloween:

here are a few other pictures from the event...

tylee, the dreamy little bumblebee

robert and layla

george, miranda and layla

in honor of halloween robert's high school buds put together a murder mystery dinner. somehow with my grandma's old, beautiful clothes and the random assortment of costumes my mom has at her house, i put together a decent 1920s outfit. it was a lot of fun and only slightly awkward, as my character, mona crawfish, a marathon dancing champion, was cheating on my boyfriend (husband in real life) with his best friend...

here's the group:

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  1. the tree is beautiful, becca is scary, and isn't that mom's "coventry" dress you're wearing?