Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hip Hop

if our downstairs neighbors didn't hate us before (mostly because of our loud hammering a few months back), they certainly do now. robert tore his meniscus playing basketball a few weeks ago and recently had surgery to repair it. apparently the tear was pretty bad so poor roberto is consigned to wearing a brace and hobbling around on crutches for the next 3 weeks or so...which feels like the rest of our lives. he despises those crutches, especially in the snow, so when at home has decided to do without and just hop around the house. hard wood floors + his dress shoes = loudest noise in the world. bare feet are a bit better, but either way it's a no-win situation for our buds downstairs.

here is robert prior to surgery and prior to the nice male nurse coming in to shave his leg :

here he is post surgery loving those lorna doone cookies and looking a bit more beat, modeling his gown which shows off his chest hair nicely:


this is a photo i took of robert's feet upon our return home from the hospital a few hours after the surgery. the doctor said if his feet looked weird we should notify them. i took this picture to show him what his foot looked like because he could not see it himself. i soon realized that it was orange because of the iodine they put on him before surgery. whoops!

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