Tuesday, February 1, 2011

our favorite neighbors

i have almost stopped noticing them. Inevitably you will see one or two strewn about somewhere in front of our apartment complex every day. i think someone in our building may be a grocery cart thief but just can't quite figure out how to fit the boxy things through the narrow front doorway to get them up to their apartment. each day it has become somewhat of a game to me to discover where our favorite neighbors, the grocery carts, are hanging out.

before we signed the lease to the apartment last summer my dad told me it was a trashy neighborhood. i didn't want to believe him because i loved the apartment and its vicinity to downtown, but i think the fact that a grocery cart adorns the lawn of our home officially deems it a trashy neighborhood. next thing you know we'll have cars parking all over the lawn, greasy tattooed men drinking beer in tank tops on the front steps and drug deals out here too. unfortunately, only the first of these three has not yet occurred. ok, ok, we live in a semi-trashy neighborhood. i admit it. but next time robert hurts his knee (heaven forbid) i am using one of those carts to push him around town so we don't have to sit cooped up like we did a few months ago.

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