Tuesday, February 8, 2011

once i was here

i know, i can barely believe it myself but i really was. there is a gelato shop in the yellow building that's cut off on the left side of the picture. i chose amaretto and elyse got sorbet of some sort i'm sure (lactose intolerance does not do well in italy). we sat on those steps overlooking the canal next to the woman in the white with the green hat. see her there at the bottom left? an old, shirtless, olive-skinned man stepped into that blue boat right beside where we were sitting and began mending something. his khakis sat below his big belly and exposed his crack nicely as the boat swayed to and fro with his weight. the sight didn't stop us from enjoying our gelato. sometimes i see pictures in magazines like this and imagine myself in them. this time, just this once, i really was there. see...?

lemon sorbet...i was right.

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