Sunday, January 8, 2012

recent happenings

There is really no rhyme or reason to this post, but I wanted to catch up a little bit on a few fun and funny things that have happened in our life lately...

Our garage no longer exists thanks to my dad's good friend (and his crew) who were willing to help us take it down before it collapsed and fell into the house (as it looks like it may in the two pictures below). It's a relief to have it down and we're looking forward to getting a new one up shortly.


 One of my best friends, Laurel, came into town for the holiday. We rarely see each other except for holidays because she has been working in New York the last few years and is currently in New Orleans at Tulane University going to law school. How I love this girl! Every time we get back together it's like we've never been apart. She took me to get a manicure and pedicure for Christmas, which was divine. Afterwards we walked next door to Cafe Trio to get lunch. She got spaghetti. The meatball was nearly as big as her head.

Minnie is somewhat of an anomaly these days. Sometimes she is an extremely light sleeper, and at other times a bomb could go off and she wouldn't stir a bit. Robert's friend, Lance, is a high school basketball coach for Jordan High. Bob and I decided to go out and support him and his team last week. We initially went to the sophomore game but ended up staying for the varsity game as well. Quite the day of basketball. I forgot how much I enjoyed high school basketball. I used to LOVE going to Julia's games. Anyway, it seemed that Minnie wasn't quite as excited and ended up fading out midway through the varsity game...although I'm not sure how. We had the LOUDEST kids in the world on the bench behind us and the game was really close, with two overtimes, and the opposing fans were really obnoxious. This experience reminded me how grateful I am to be out of high school and made me terrified for Minnie to enter high school. In any case, here's the Minster...snoozing like nobody's business.


Robert got his first taste of breast milk...yum yum! One day he will learn not to play so rough with a baby who's just been nursed. Oh, he's such a good dad!

My best friend Elyse has also returned home for the holidays and we were invited over to her family's house for an Indian feast last night. I love the Arringtons! We ate until we almost exploded. The food was so good. Thanks Reshma! Our mouths were also on fire and we were sweating like crazy (Reshma said she tried to tone it down for us). We continued sweating like crazy as the party moved downstairs for a round of Wii dance. Here I am during one of my finer moments.

This is a picture Elyse took of us last night. Minnie looks thrilled. I wish I would have gotten one with Elyse as well. She's so good with Minnie.

Minnie's great grandma Mecham made her the most incredible sweater, booties and hat for Christmas. Minnie wore the sweater to church today. Isn't it cute?


For a summer internship application Robert had to make a video of himself answering certain questions. This is what he wore...luckily only the top half was visible in the video.

The beginning of 2012 has been very good to us. Robert has been out of school for the past 3 weeks and returns tomorrow. My heart is heavy. It has been a dream to hang out with him every day...and every day felt like Saturday. Is it bad that I'm already excited for him to retire? 

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