Monday, June 20, 2011

the bathroom that's pink and the miniature sink

As the time nears for us to pack up and leave our tiny wooden box I thought it would be appropriate to finally showcase it's two most interesting features, both of which adorn the title of our blog.

Believe it or not, but this pink bathroom was actually a selling point for us when we first looked at the apartment. Robert thought it was quite manly (joke) and I just thought it was kind of charming. It's a little shocking though, isn't it?

And here is our infamous miniature sink that cannot even hold a single plate.

Where in the world did they get this thing?! Out of a camping trailer? It's the most impractical sink in the world. If nothing else, get rid of the middle divider and make it ONE sink so you can at least lay a dish in it. You'd think the size of this thing would have prevented dishes from piling up, but you'd be surprised how many cereal bowls you can fit in this puppy. Robert has been a serious champ these last 10 months in this place. When we got married we agreed that if I cooked dinner he would wash the dishes and I swear I have barely even touched a sponge and soap. Dream husband. We are moving to my parents house this weekend as they depart to serve as mission president and wife in the Micronesia, Guam mission. We are so excited to have a yard and more space to spread out in but I think Robert's most excited about having a dishwasher.

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