Thursday, July 7, 2011

a sunny 4th

Last weekend we headed down to St. George for our second annual trip with Bob's buddies and their wives. We spent the first night at Debbie's grandparent's vacation house in Rockville, UT, just outside of Zion. It was beautiful! I took about zero pictures this entire trip, which is unlike me, but it was so nice just to relax. We met Conor and Jessie down in St. George on Friday and spent the entire weekend either playing tennis or lounging by the pool. Dream! My fat feet love floating in water. They were barely chubby at all this weekend.

Here I am at a little over 35 weeks. I swear, that's not a basketball under there. Perhaps I should have worn some makeup this trip? Not a chance.

Ze sleeping bebe. Dreamy little guy!

Sparklers were the only fireworks (if you can call them that) we lit this year. A little bit of a letdown, but we partied nonetheless.

The boys resting between games. They couldn't get enough tennis. Competitive these guys are.

We're headed to the cabin this weekend with this same clan. Two weekends in a row. Good thing we like each other. See you guys tomorrow!

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