Monday, July 11, 2011

final destination

We headed down to the Collard cabin in Fairview this weekend with some friends. It all began with a double rainbow (can you see it?) which we believed meant good things for the trip.

This will be our final adventure out of town before the beebs comes and I am so glad we did it. I was slightly nervous being 36 weeks pregnant and in the middle of nowhere, but I have been feeling so good this last week that it just had to be done.

Michelle in her capris and boots. We all thought it was a good look, especially with a machete in hand (which Bob bought at Wal Mart for $7. Needless to say it didn't quite do the trick).

A jaunt over to the reservoir.

Debi enjoying our tin foil dinner

Bob manning the fire, which was actually surrounded by water. The boys spent about an hour digging a trench and hauling buckets of water out of the fire pit. It's insane how wet it still is up there this time of year. There was snow up there until about a month ago. We were so glad we finally got to go up before summer was over.

Debi and Russ

Christine and Lance

Brad in his plaid-on-plaid and cute Michelle

Sleepy heads

We bought these monster marshmallows and I think they made most of us sick.

Doesn't he make it look good?

With no TV or electricity (gas lanterns only) charades became our best friend. This is Robert acting out the word "apostasy." Somehow they got it.

Justin Bieber at his finest

It was such a fun group and I'm so glad they were all able to go. The weather reports had said there would be nothing but rain and yet we had blue skies 90% of the weekend. I sure hope our little girl is ready for adventures because I am aching to go back before summer's over.

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