Friday, September 16, 2011

i really didn't go by myself

Last night Minnie took her first trip to the fair. From these pictures you'd figure she and I headed there just the two of us. Wrong. I'm just egotistical and didn't even get one picture of the other fair-goers. They're probably happy about it (especially Megan) but I am not. Megan, Nick and Megan's grandma, Grandma Jackie, came with us too. Robert had to go on visits with the Elders quorum so he wasn't able to come. This would have devastated him if we were going to go on rides, since that's his favorite part of the fair. That gets tough when you have a baby so he was ok. I don't think Minnie was the biggest fan of the fair, but we still had a good time.

Did you know they have kangaroos at the fair??? These came with the "Aussie" exhibit. I don't think I've ever seen a kangaroo up close and was seriously mesmerized by these guys. So was Nick. Megan just said it was sad...which it was. These animals could jump to the moon and back and look so sad and cooped up in their cage. I was still excited to see them though.

Look at the albino one!

Minnie is REALLY excited about this massive pumpkin, can't you tell?

And here is proof that we were with Nick and Megan. About 1 1/2 hours into our time at the fair Minnie lost it and needed to be fed. We were just in the middle of eating our funnel cakes and Diet Coke and Megan said she was probably jealous. I would be too. Once we got back to Nick and Megan's I fed Minnie but she was still a little upset. Megan is the baby whisperer and calmed the little tyke right down. This is a picture of Minnie dropping the burp cloth, which she was holding in her hand for about a minute prior. This girl's got quite the grip. Thank you for a lovely evening Nick and Megan. Love you!

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