Tuesday, September 13, 2011

one month!

It's hard to believe, but today our little Minnie is one month old! These last four weeks have passed so quickly and she is already changing so much. The girl loves to eat so she is getting some fun little rolls and a miniature double chin. I think it's adorable. She was so long and skinny to begin with so the added weight is reassuring as well as endearing.

I've decided that each month for a year I'm going to take a picture of Minnie with her stuffed elephant, which she got from her Grandma Mecham, so I can visually chart her growth. I thought the picture above was cute because she's giving a pseudo smile, but the one below is probably a bit better for charting growth because she's slightly more upright.

Minnie has been a lot of fun and we feel really lucky to have her in our lives. It's taken us a little while to really figure each other out, but every day gets better and a little easier. She doesn't do a whole lot right now besides eat, sleep and cry, but here are some facts about Minnie:
  • She has very long feet and toes, just like her mother
  • Everyone comments on her cute little button nose, which no longer has the giant scab from getting stuck on my pelvis, thank goodness.
  • She has the cry of a 2-year-old. Everyone who hears her cannot believe how LOUD she is, especially for a newborn.
  • She likes to sit upright. Apparently lying down is for babies.
  • Between major spit up and blow outs she averages about 5-6 outfits per day.
  • She loves to have her feet played with. If she's upset you can generally play with her toes and she'll calm down. That is, unless she's hungry. Then you've got another thing coming...which brings me to my next point...
  • The girl LOVES to eat! She'll eat for more than an hour if you let her (or are able to produce that much).
  • She is ticklish everywhere, but especially her feet, thighs and lower back. 
  • She's gotten pretty good at grabbing, especially when she's mad. She'll grab my shirt and yank it around if she's really upset.
  • I haven't been able to capture it yet but when you pick her up when she's sleeping she makes my very favorite face. She sticks out her bottom lip as far as she can, raises her eyebrows, wrinkles her forehead, arches her back and sticks her arms up in the air, all while still closing her eyes. As soon as I get it on camera I'll post it but she just won't perform when there's a camera around.
What a whirlwind of a month it has been, but I am so grateful for Minnie and feel very lucky to be her mom. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better and discovering who she is. What a gift it is to be a parent! Happy one month Min! I love you.

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