Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Minnie's blessing and namesake

Minnie was blessed September 25 in the 27th East Ward, and although most of my immediate family was unable to attend, we were blessed to have Nick and Megan here along with my sweet grandparents, Robert's family and much of my extended family. My grandparents made the trek out here all the way from Maryland and we were lucky enough to have them stay at our house. Here is our little family in front of the house after the blessing.

Minnie wore my blessing dress, which was made by my Grandma Welch. It is so beautiful and perfectly sewn, with the sweetest little embroidered details. The pictures I have here don't do it justice, but I was so grateful to have a piece of my Grandma Welch to share with Minnie.

I was afraid Minnie would be a crying terror during the blessing but she was a little angel. I made sure to top her off right before sacrament meeting so she was good and full and in turn...sleepy. The blessing Robert gave was so sweet. It was altogether surreal to me to think that he and I have brought this little girl into the world and that Heavenly Father has given us charge over her. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and to have Robert by my side to raise her. 

Here she is with her great grandpa Mecham. Minnie is actually named after his mother, Minnie Isabella Frame Mecham, who passed away a few months before her 24th birthday due to complications from childbirth. My grandpa was her only child. I have thought about her often throughout my life and feel indebted to her for giving her life to bring a child into this world. If it were not for her, I would not be here, and neither would our little Minnie.

Here is Minnie senior as a baby. Isn't she sweet?? My grandpa brought us a few pictures of her when they arrived for the blessing. It was so fun to see these because we don't have many pictures of her.

And here she is in her twenties. Isn't she lovely? My grandpa also sent me the talks from her funeral and one thing everyone who spoke mentioned was her "sunshiney personality." She was vivacious and fun, full of life and very talented. She was musically gifted and an incredible seamstress. I'm so hopeful our Minnie will be much the same.

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  1. I think dad and I have her teeth. I've never seen those pics of her. very neat. I actually just came across her funeral proceedings in my pile of genealogy stuff and was going to copy it and send it to you, but I'm glad grandpa already did. Minnie Jr. looks so sweet in that pretty little dress.