Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Before Minnie was born Charlotte and I went thrift shopping and found a little bear onesie. Little did I know it would be the inspiration for our Halloween costumes this year.

Our little Ewok.

These costumes don't look too difficult to put together, do they? However, we spent the good part of Friday night getting these puppies put together. Robert spent quite a bit of time creating his belt, gun and holster. He also helped me pin and cut my costume out of a sheet. I did a poor man's job of sewing it, but didn't feel too badly about the finished product.

We went to a party at our friends, Haylee and Jay's house on Saturday night, at which I unfortunately did not get any pictures. We then headed to my cute friend Shelly's party.

She and her dad made this cute face cut out board which we thoroughly enjoyed...

The din of the parties as well as her snuggly little costume put Minnie right to sleep about 5 minutes into each party. What a dream!

On Halloween night we went to Nick and Megan's for a little chili cook-off. Robert created what he called the "Triple B". Essentially he just used what he could find in my mom's delightful food storage to create his masterpiece (thanks Mom!). He didn't even try it before he brought it to the competition, but our whole house smelled pretty good so we figured it would be decent.

Here is Nick, judging the competition.

The competitors.

I wish I would have gotten more pictures at the party because it was a lot of fun. The house was packed and Megan was dressed as a cute bumble bee. In any case, unfortunately Robert did not place in the competition but was given an honorable mention by Nick because he'd rated him 2nd place...too bad the other three judges didn't feel the same way.

After Nick and Megan's party we headed back to our house for a little round of Clue with Sara, Arne, Abi, Ammon and Shelly. Somehow it has become a tradition with our friends to play Clue and then watch the movie "Clue" on Halloween. We played by candlelight, as usual...

Minnie, sizing up the competition.

I didn't make it through the movie last year and I couldn't this year either. I was out in about 30 minutes. I think it was 15 last year so I'm doing better. I think next year I'll need to start it from the middle.

If there is another chili cook-off next year I think we'll work on not eating so many cups of chili...we're feeling the effects today.


  1. There WILL be a chili cook-off next year! Maybe you should have grabbed the Gas-X that was in the prize bowl?

  2. Wish we were there to join in on all the fun! Love the costumes!