Tuesday, November 15, 2011

three months!

Little Miss Minnie turned three months old on Sunday (Char's birthday!). As you can see above, she is getting bigger and bigger. The leap from one month to two was a bit more drastic but in the last month her rolls have been getting deeper and that little body just keeps getting longer. She was a little over 13 lbs. at her 2 month doctor's appointment, and according to my calculations she is now about 15 lbs.

Minnie just keeps getting more fun. She is now talking a lot more (baby talk, that is). She has also discovered her fist and fingers and puts them in her mouth constantly. If she doesn't have her binky in at church you will likely hear some loud slurping from where we're seated. She still loves her baths, as you can see below. She still favors leaning to her right, as you will also notice below.

Conveniently placed washcloth, eh? 

We are trying very hard these days to get her to roll over but I think that head of hers is just too heavy so she hates being on her stomach. We figure she'll get it eventually. She loves lying on her back though and is usually quite the chatter bug when she's lying on the floor. She has also started to watch TV, which we are trying to prevent. Those eyes coming into focus is a double-edged sword. She's now a lot more engaged with us but is also enthralled with the TV. She is now grabbing at things and realizing that she can move things with her hands, but if she grabs something she sometimes doesn't know how to let go. She also startles really easily and has the cutest cry when she gets scared. It's weird how I'm now figuring out her cries and what they mean. She still sleeps through the night like a champ. She's become a little bit of a finicky eater. It's not that she doesn't want to eat, it's just that the surroundings have to be ideal or she gets distracted and can't focus on the task at hand. It's slightly annoying, but we're figuring it out. Her hair is coming in a little at a time and is still brown. I hope those big blue eyes stay blue. Her hands are usually balled up in fists and I think she may have inherited the Collard clammy hands. Her feet seem unusually long for her body (like her mom's) and all of her footie pajamas are a little snug on her toes. She's started to laugh a little bit but we have yet to get a good belly laugh out of her. Do babies have moles when they're born? I don't think they do, because I just noticed one on her right shin that I think just recently appeared. Isn't it weird that I know even the smallest details of her body? I guess when you spend every day taking care of someone that will happen. Like her ears, for instance. She has a chicken pock-like scar on the back of her right (I think) ear and a weird hole-like thing on the front of the same ear. It's weird. It looks like someone pierced it or something. Robert's sister, Becca, has the same thing. Minnie's left ear lobe must have been folded or something when she was in me because it's a little misshapen. I like it, though. All of it gives her character, and at least I know they didn't switch my baby at the hospital.

We are so blessed to have little Minnie in our lives. She just gets more fun every day. I love being able to hang out with her day in and day out. She's my little buddy. Love you Min!

In closing, here's just a little (kind of boring) video of her playing. This is essentially for grandparents, because they will be the only ones who are really interested. Please ignore my baby talk and the shaky camera.

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  1. Do you love that I'm always the first to comment on your posts? You're right, that video was a little boring, but she's a cutie. Here breathiness is so sweet. We're excited to see you guys in one week!!!! Oh and BTW, Bennett's first mole is on the thumb he sucks. I still haven't noticed any on Lincoln but I'm sure he'll have some cause Matt is the moleiest man alive!