Thursday, November 17, 2011

bob's eye and another (less boring) video of minnie

I don't think Robert should play basketball anymore. After his knee incident last year I have been afraid something crazy might happen to him and cost us a million dollars. In fact, his knee is not covered on our new insurance, which makes me even more nervous (but I'm a worrier anyway). Last night at his intramural game one of the other player's wives and I were chatting on the sidelines and all of a sudden I heard a shout of pain from the court. It was Robert. I felt like I was going to throw up. He was bent over holding his face and I didn't even see what happened. I guess he was passing the ball and the guy from the other team tried to swipe the ball, missed, and ended up getting his fingers in both of Robert's eyes. Robert said he was embarrassed that he yelled so loudly, but it hurt like crazy. I was worried that some serious damage had been done, but Bob, being the man that he is, blinked it out and kept playing. He said it was hard to focus his eyes but he played well even after the incident and they ended up winning. We considered taking him to the E.R. because it looked like his eyeball was scratched and Instacare was closed, but luckily we didn't because that would have been a pretty penny. We went to Instacare today and it looks like all is well, thank goodness. Both his eyeballs are swollen so they hurt like crazy, but his right eye is the one that looks the worst, as you can see in this picture.

He also got a nice cut from the guys fingernail under his eye as well. Battle wounds, right? 

In other news...Minnie is definitely a summer baby. She is not a big fan of the cold. Whenever we go outside in the morning she takes a big gasp and her eyes get big when she feels the cold on her face. The gasp gets even louder when there's a gust of wind. Robert discovered she does the same thing when you blow on her face, as you'll see in this video below. Hilarious.

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  1. oh my heck laura that video is hilarious. i love her reaction!!!