Friday, January 27, 2012

birfdays all around

Bob and I both had birthdays this week. Julia did too, but she was in Korea so we didn't get to celebrate with her. We did, however, receive a delightful little package from her which included The 5 U.S. dollars she had left over from the MTC so we could hit up a dollar movie, and these lovely socks. 

Mine have a cartoon girl on them with pop-up lips and Bob's have a cat, also with pop-up lips. We love them.

Bob's birthday was on Sunday so I took him out on a date Saturday night. Blessed Nick and Megan watched Min. Thanks guys. I took Bob to Rodizio Grill in Trolley Square, which is one of his favorites. I had never been, but my stomach was not prepared for the amount of meat that was about to fill it. If you haven't been there before, Rodizio is a Brazilian restaurant and it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's the next closest thing to heaven for Robert. The waiters roam around the restaurant with huge skewers filled with delicious grilled meats and bring them to your table. To be honest, I felt the experience a little stressful. First, you feel like you have to eat all you can to get your money's worth, and second, they give you this little wooden stand that is green on one side and red on the other and you change which color is up depending on whether you want them to continue bringing you food or not. I did not enjoy the chicken hearts, however there was a tri-tip steak that was the closest thing to perfection I had ever tasted. The problem was, you just never knew what was coming by your table. If you had the red side up and the waiter came by with the tri-tip, too bad so sad for you. I decided that I probably shouldn't go to buffets anymore because I just get too stressed out and can't really enjoy what I'm eating. We did, however, top it all of with a very delicious dessert which was essentially a Brazilian churro. I am in love with churros so it was divine. They also sang to us in Portuguese. 

We also can't really go to movies since we've had Minnie, so we went to Mission Impossible, which I surprisingly enjoyed.

The day before my birthday Minnie and I went to the zoo with some friends. It's free the last Wednesday of every month, and it's probably for good reason because there are very few animals to see. Minnie probably couldn't have cared less about the zoo, but I had a good time.

Yesterday was my birthday but unfortunately I was only able to capture a few pictures of the festivities. First, Robert brought me breakfast in bed. He is a dream and I am a big jerk because for some reason I was not hungry for breakfast and the thought of eating made me nauseous. No, I'm not pregnant. But look at the 2-6 he put on the biscuits! What an artist.

He also brought me this muchkin who hung out with me on the bed.

Robert will probably kill me for this, but he always has the most KILLER bed head. It's unreal sometimes. He sleeps with his arms above his head and so they usually end up pushing his hair up all night and he wakes up with a little something like what's pictured below...and this is pretty tame. It's usually straight up in the front too.

Last night Robert took me to Market Street Grill downtown (thank you Adseros) and Minnie hung out with Grandma Collard. On our way home from picking Minnie up I got so tired for some reason and told Robert that I just wanted to go to bed. He told me he was sorry he hadn't made my birthday more exciting, even though I was quite happy with the way the day had turned out. He told me that we should pretend my birthday wasn't until the weekend so he could do something a little more fun. When we got to our house and I opened the door I saw a pair of shoes and a bag next to the door that I didn't recognize and said, "Who's crap is this?" Nice, I know. All of a sudden I heard "SURPRISE" and people jumped out from the back of the living room. I was SO surprised! This is the second birthday in a row that Robert's gotten me! He and my high school and college friends planned a surprise party for me. It was so much fun! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, but it was a grand old time. Bob...the little sneak.

What a great birthday week! Can't believe I am now closer to 30 than 20. According to Megan, 30 is when your life really starts to get exciting, so I guess I really have a lot to look forward to.

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