Saturday, March 24, 2012

a date night with my main man

Guess who went out without a burp cloth in tow tonight?

These two bright-eyed love birds!
Narcissistic self-taken photos? Yes please! 

Oh, what a joy it is to live near family who are willing to babysit. Minnie loves her Grandma Collard, and how grateful we are for that! I'm sure she'll love her Grandma Mecham just the same, she'll just have to wait a few more years before we  can get her in the babysitting line up. That is, unless we go on a date to Guam.

The Hunger Games movie + two packs of Starburst + one pack of M&M's + a can of Diet Dr. Pepper to share = a date that likely should have been postponed because I have to teach Relief Society and Bob has to teach Elder's Quorum tomorrow and we've barely glanced at our lessons.

It is now 12:19 AM and I'm just finishing my lesson...and now writing this post. I should go to bed.

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  1. Ha ha! Fun! Was the movie as good as the book? Matt and I both taught as well, and someone from the nursery came to get me cause Benny had poops. Then she went to look for Matt when she realized I was teaching, and then she ended up changing him for us. I'm glad she's my friend outside of church as well, otherwise I'd feel bad.