Friday, March 23, 2012

my life just got a whole lot better

First, can I get a "hip hip hooray!!"?? Today was the day this girl below was supposed to have surgery...

But guess what? No longer!! I am a very happy mama. Last Saturday at my grandparents she opened her mouth and I didn't see the little cist under her tongue. I then started to try and think about the last time I'd seen it. The last instance I could recall was at the beginning of the trip. I nudged my fingers under her tongue (much to her dismay) to discover it was gone! I nearly cried I was so excited. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said that we should go ahead and cancel the surgery because it looked like it had resolved itself. Yes! We have to watch it because there's a chance it could come back, so we just have to go back and see him in about 4 months to make sure it's entirely resolved. What a dream! And the timing of this thing's disappearance? Impeccable.

I'm telling you, this weather is making a new woman out of me. I feel like I can actually live a little now that I don't have to tote around a coat and scarf. My feet have never felt so free. This summer I actually have multiple sandals to choose from unlike last summer, when my feet were so swollen I could only just barely squeeze my bloated appendages into one VERY old pair of cheapo sandals.

In celebration of the lovely weather, as well as the fact that the new City Creek mall opened yesterday, my friend Marissa, her babe Gray and Minnie and I went for a stroll downtown to check out the pretty shnazzy new shopping center.

Minnie was not interested in riding in the above stroller after an entire week of sitting in it on the east coast. Thus, blessed Marissa pushed it around and I held the wiggly child. Look how comfy Gray baby is.

They went all out for the grand opening with street performers all over the place. It was pretty fun.  A lot of the stores actually had DJ's mixing the music.

Minnie enjoying a little of my frozen yogurt.

Marrissa and Gray listening to a band. Gray was having a rough day...teething is the pits.

Look at those chubby cheeks! I love hanging out with this girl, even if she makes me carry her everywhere.
The F21 and H&M at this new mall are killer. Two huge floors each! I had a very hard time containing myself. I think it means trouble in the future.

The warm weather just rolled on through the night so we went for a stroll to the park.

Don't worry, Minnie didn't lose her head. She's just having a grand ol' time looking for Dad.

Min crashed on the way home from getting a Red Box

And then we got ice cream. A day straight from heaven, I tell you. 

Who knew this post would be so long? Not me.

Happy spring!!

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