Tuesday, March 27, 2012

nothing funnier

For some reason I find nothing funnier than this...

Immobile babies playing together. I'm not sure why, I just find it very hilarious. Perhaps it's because they're so intrigued by each other. They seem to look at one another as if they're thinking, "These can't be humans. They look too small to be humans. Wait, they're my size! Am I a human?"

It turns out that Minnie is kind of a bully. Maybe it's just because she's bigger than every other baby. These two here are a few weeks older than her and you'd never know it. She loves to steal their binkies and make them cry. And all the while she looks so innocent and sweet.

This is pretty funny too...

Onesies are so hard to get over Min's huge noggin.

"Seriously, Mom? This is rude. Here, I'll take it off myself."

"And then I'll try to eat it."

"See, I did it! Oh wait, it's back on, isn't it?"

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