Friday, March 30, 2012

peck this out

This morning we were awoken at 7 AM to a little something like this...

Except multiply this sound x 1,000 as it vibrates down that little metal chimney and into the metal air ducts throughout the upstairs. 

Robert had heard it two times before when I was away on my trip to the east coast. Initially it freaked him out so he grabbed a ladder and climbed up on the roof to figure it out. This morning he suggested getting a BB gun to scare it away. My answer to that was a) that's rude. b) we don't have a BB gun. c) even if we did I doubt he has good enough aim. And d) that's rude.

So naturally, we did what anyone would do when they can't sleep because a woodpecker is pecking on their metal chimney and the sound is echoing through the whole house...finish watching "Raising Arizona" in bed.

7 AM? Really? Could it at least have waited until like 8 or 9? I live in a dream world where my child doesn't get up until at least 8:30. Please let me sleep until then from now on, woodpecker, my friend.

1 comment:

  1. very funny. dad used to threaten to buy a wrist rocket for all the cats that would fight in our backyard. remember that?