Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a week on the east coast

Get ready for the longest post of all time...but not to worry, most of it is just pictures. 

Last week Minnie and I went with Charlotte and Matt on a little adventure back East. Matt is looking to get his JDMBA and was interested in looking at Columbia in NYC, UPenn in Philadelphia and also had a meeting with an oil executive in DC that my grandpa set up for him. These pictures are all backwards, but I don't have the energy to switch them around, considering there about 5 million. We stayed with my grandparents in Maryland for the first few days, drove up to NYC and stayed there for about 4 days, drove back down to Philly and stayed there a day, and then made our way back down to DC for the last day and a half. It was such a fun trip, but traveling with children is much different than traveling by yourself. In spite of it all, we had a grand old time. The only thing that would have made it better was if Robert could have come. He had a school trip to meet with businesses in Seattle he had to go to, so unfortunately he couldn't make it. Thanks to Charlotte and Matt for letting me and Minnie tag along.

Minnie and Grams

Great Falls in Potomac, MD

My first Philly cheesesteak. Delicious and super greasy!

Independence Hall in Philly, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Where George Washington sat. Incredible!

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

Swimming at our hotel pool in Philly. Minnie was just one of the boys in her swim diaper.

Matt and Lincoln

Cute Bennett

Grand Central Station

Swinging in Central Park

The Manhattan temple

Shake Shack! The place was SO crowded. The line was 1/4 of the way around the park. I guess good weather gets people out. The weather was incredible for almost all of the trip.

This picture is terrible, but it was the best I could get. You can barely see the Statue of Liberty.

Wall Street

Reconstruction of the World Trade Center

Lunch in Little Italy. Divine!!

Watching the ipad. This was the only thing that would keep this kid sane most of the trip.

On the subway...looks like Minnie is about ready for a nap. Thank goodness for the jogger stroller. Whenever Minnie needed to sleep we'd just lay her in the back and she'd zonk out for an hour or two.

Empire State Building!

On top! Minnie was not a fan of the wind.

We got to meet up with Elyse and Hannah who live in NYC while we were there which was a lot of fun. We went to dinner at Hill Country BBQ and then enjoyed some dessert afterwords. I love these girls!

Elyse and her boyfriend David.

Walking back to the hotel towards the Empire State Building

Minnie pestering Lincoln...which he usually thought was funny.

The weird gold man in Central Park

Asleep!! Thank heavens!

Statue of Liberty out of Legos at FAO Schwarz

The Big Piano at FAO Schwarz. Minnie loved it!

The boys going wild and Charlotte trying to contain them.

I was telling the boys on the drive up to NY that we were going to see the "Big Apple." When we got to the hotel they broke down in tears because they hadn't seen the "Big Apple." When we got just outside of FAO Schwarz we found this on the plaza. I was glad I had a "big apple" to show them.

Rockerfeller Plaza

St. Patrick's Cathedral

NYPD on horseback. The boys were pretty excited to see horses in the city.

Times Square

Minnie snoozing through it all.

Relaxing on the Mall in DC

McDonald's breakfast with "Papa."

We were grateful there was a play place.

Warm spring night in Maryland playing with the cousins.

Charlotte and Kathryn

Lilly and Sophie were pretty excited about pushing strollers.

A walk with Kathryn and Ron and their kids who came up from Virginia to spend the day with us at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Dessert with the great grandkids. Oh boy, Grandma made us lots of delicious meals. Best hostess award goes to her.

Sleepy Benny and Min after a long day in DC.

Our photographer for the trip. Love her!

MLK Jr. Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

Looking towards the Washington Memorial

Lincoln being a rascal


Snoozing again

It was so warm that a lot of blossoms were already in bloom. These were on the grounds of the White House.

Letting Lincoln run free

Lincoln's "leash"

Little cutie

The Natural History Museum

Minnie really enjoying herself

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial


  1. So great! We leave for NYC tonight!

  2. The one with Minster and B-Ben in the car is my fav. I also really love the one of Lincoln and Papa at McD's. So glad you came. I think everyone's lives but mine are more peaceful post vacay. Certainly hoping that the April visit will pan out.