Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a tuesday afternoon

Today is such a lovely day and it's been so delightful and spring-like. Minnie is down for a nap and I am just enjoying the sunshine.

This morning we went to Tracy Aviary with a bunch of moms and kiddos. What a perfect day!
It's only $1 on Wednesdays during March...what a steal!

The flamingos were my favorite.

While Minnie is taking a nap, I'm enjoying a little tween reading in the sun.
I tried to read Harry Potter years and years ago but couldn't get through it. I'm giving it one more shot.

You know spring has really sprung at the Mecham household when the box elder bugs start mating on the back screen door. The kitchen is already full of a bunch of these dead guys. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

The backyard is pretty much in shambles ever since the disastrous tree incident. Luckily we have some resilient tulips that are already making their way through the mess back there. I'm hopeful they'll bring a little beauty to a very ugly scene...which will hopefully be resolved in a few weeks.

We finally have a new deck! We're just waiting on a new garage.

 In the meantime, Robert's constructed this nifty lean-to to protect everything that used to be in the garage. Hopefully April doesn't bring too many showers!

Everything in life feels better when there's sunshine and warm weather. Here's to a lovely Tuesday afternoon!

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