Thursday, April 5, 2012

the simple things

I took a few pictures yesterday of just every day life, and once again I was reminded how lovely just the simplest things are. Real life is wonderful.

These two kill me together. Minnie loves her dad. I love him too!

Minnie loves to explore outside. She'd sit out there for hours if I let her. She loves the feel of grass on her feet and she loves to pick things up and move them between her fingers. In this case below...she also loves eating them. Here she is, eating a pine cone. No worries, I pulled it out right after I took a picture.

I try to spend at least an hour or so outside with her every day, just so she can get her fill.

Minnie loves to bang things together. Toys, can be anything.


I'm a little camera happy, I know. I just love this little lady.

One last one from after dinner, playing with her toys.

Oh, the simple things. How I love them.

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