Sunday, April 1, 2012

a successful conference weekend

This weekend was General Conference, and we were lucky enough to have my cute grandparents come and stay with us from Maryland because my grandpa had a few meetings and reunions to attend to. I sure miss my parents, but I was glad we were able to keep the Saturday "pizza and priesthood" tradition alive here at the Mecham (temporarily Collard) residence with all the family gathering here for some ridiculously cheesy and delicious Pie pizza before the men head off to the priesthood session of General Conference. Pretty much everyone was able to make it and we had ourselves a roaring house party, including Phase 10, brand new baby holding, lots of pictures and videotaping as well as a pet lizard named Karter Kipling. We had such a good time. I feel so blessed to have such a great family.

Much of the clan enjoying their cheesy pizza and Grams' delicious salad.

The kid table 

Cohen asked me to take a picture of him and this is the face he gave me. When I showed it to him he was pretty pleased with himself. He is hilarious. He was also telling us all about his dad's bowel movements throughout the evening. Awesome!

Cute Grams, manning the kitchen.
(These pictures are pretty terrible because I took them with my phone)

This is what the kitchen looks like when it's full of men. I'm pretty sure they all ran into one another at one point. It's so tiny!

Minnie came to check out Mary and Owen's new little baby, Eden. She also LOVES her aunt Megan!

Robert is holding back those little talons of hers, but Minnie was pretty interested. She finds other babies and kids fascinating.

 The sweetest.

 After everyone had left Bob and I found ourselves with a living room full of toys. So what did we do with them? You'd probably guess we'd clean them up, right?

Nope. We made huge marble racers for like an hour and Minnie played with the blocks.

A proud moment for Bob.

We were able to attend the last session of General Conference today and I really enjoyed it. I always really enjoy it. The messages shared inspire me to be a better person, to look to those in need and bring more clearly into view the areas in my life that need refining.

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