Monday, April 30, 2012

when dreams come true

When dreams come true Charlotte and her family will live around the corner. In the meantime, we'll enjoy a visit as often as possible.

They came into town this last week and we had so much fun hanging out with them and celebrating Lincoln's birthday. Here are a few of the highlights...

Lincoln's birthday party

1. Opening presents 2. His new Buzz Lightyear (his favorite present)
3. Benny in the semi-built garage 4. Singing happy birthday
5. Playing with the new t-ball set 6. Blowing out candles

Lincoln could not contain himself the entire day. All he wanted to do was open presents. Even being able to open one right before we ate dinner was not enough. When Nick and Megan were arriving for the party he didn't even say hello, he just asked where his presents were. Hilarious! Oh, to be 3 years old.

Char set up a photo shoot for the boys when they were here, so Min and I trekked down to Thanksgiving point to help. The flowers and blossoms were so pretty. Benny wasn't too excited about having his picture taken, but all in all, they turned out quite lovely. Here are a few shots of the kidlets while we were waiting. 

Shakes at B&D Burgers. Lincoln had to have his own so Charlotte dumped some out on a tray for him. Gross, but it worked. The bottom left picture is Lincoln feeding Minnie. Every time I was about to feed her he'd always say "I want to help her." He was actually pretty gentle and sweet with her. He'd often pet her head and lovingly call her his "Minnie girl." He's going to be a good big brother to #3 (hopefully)!

Dino playland at City Creek. Lincoln and Benny were in love with the place.

The new Natural History Museum at the U. It was a little advanced for the boys, but we found enough to entertain them and had a good time.

While Char was doing some laundry she accidentally left the load size on small and put a ton of clothes in the washer. A few minutes later the thing was smoking and she had to unplug it. Luckily my grandparents had told my parents they'd like to buy them a new washer and dryer for Christmas last year, but we hadn't gotten to it yet. So...Robert and I were sent off to purchase a new washer for them. They've had this one for more than 15 years. I'm not sure why all of this is happening during the years that we're taking care of the house. Perhaps it's just to prepare us for when we have to deal with it ourselves. To be honest, I think that will be easier because we'll be making our own decisions and not trying to guess what my parents will like. We are lucky to be living in their house for free, so this is a price we will gladly pay. Here we are, waiting for the salesman at Sears. Don't you love Minnie's outfit? Slightly white trash, I know.

And this? This is just a classic shot of Benny boy. What a rockstar!

The last day the Adseros were here Nick and Megan joined us for a walk up around the U. We went into Fort Douglas, where Char and Matt had had their wedding reception. Two kids, a dog and three countries later, here they are. Charlotte surprised us when they initially arrived by informing us that she was 20 weeks pregnant. What?! I'd spent more than a week with them just a month before and hadn't even noticed. Soon they'll have 3 kids under 3 1/2. Charlotte informed us that they will never be leaving the house. Oh, but I'm so excited for them! They're waiting to find out what it is until it's born. I'm hoping it's a girl. We shall see.

Here's to hoping dreams come true and that we'll all live in the same city, or at least the same country, within the next few years. Love you guys!!


  1. I'm glad you took pictures cause my camera battery was dead for 2/3rds of the trip. Thanks again for having us. Hopefully OUR dreams will come true in the next 10 years if not sooner!!

  2. My vote is for much sooner... We can all have BBQ's and help each other with our "projects"...AND don't forget a lot of FREE babysitting... Are you convinced yet? That goes for you too Laura, don't go anywhere!