Wednesday, June 13, 2012

bits & pieces of annville

I adore this little town we live in. Today Minnie and I went for a walk up and down Main Street and I took pictures of a few of my favorite things. I think it will be easy for you to see why I love this place so much.


These last few include our neighbor's garage (that I love), our street (Locust Street) and our lovely little abode for the summer.


We live just two blocks from downtown and Minnie and I often walk to the library (pictured above with the white door and flag in front). The town was settled in 1762 and the main street was initially a cattle path so the houses and businesses are all built right up to the road. They are all so quaint. Just beyond our house are tons of open fields. I love rural Pennsylvania and its rolling hills and green, green fields. This place is slightly too quiet for me to live in forever, but I really love it for now.

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