Thursday, June 7, 2012

knocking out my pinterest list

My sewing machine and I are becoming close friends these days. I hesitated whether or not to bring it across the country with us, only because space in our little Mazda was quite limited, even with luggage strapped to the top of the car. But Robert and his mad Tetris skills were able to fit the bugger in the trunk last minute, and boy, am I glad. I've used the thing almost every day since we've arrived and it's gradually helping me knock out my "make this" board on Pinterest.

I had seen a pillow tutorial that I'd wanted to try for a long time but hadn't gotten around to it. I went to a few different stores to find pillow forms but couldn't find one less than $9. So, as I usually do, I headed over to the local thrift store to see what I could find. "Thrifted pillows? Gross!" what you're probably thinking. But no worries! For starters, I'm covering them, and secondly they're only for decor. These pretty little heads of ours won't be sleeping a wink on these puppies. Lastly, our local thrift store, Blue Mountain Thrift, is like my nirvana...seriously. So clean, so BIG, and so much great stuff.

Here's what I found...two pillows, plus a rockin' skirt and skinny belt all for $6! Dreamy, I know.

So after saving myself $12+...I turned these...
into these:
 I think Robert's getting nervous. I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I can't stop making things. Our Mazda only has about a square foot of space left for us to take things back in, so I better slow down.


  1. Or just buy a trailer or bigger car!!!!

  2. Ahh look how cute and crafty you are. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love being able to follow your cute family on all your adventures. How long are you back east for?