Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a quick project for a little person

Minnie has about one million onesies with food stains on the front, and believe it or not, onesies are expensive. So, I have become that mom that lets their child look homeless. Solution: cover up the stains!
I have a bunch of scrap fabric lying around and decided to try and salvage some onesies (along with my reputation as a mother). Here's what I did. And guess what? It was FREE!
I've always thought initials on kid's clothing was cute, but you could really make any kind of picture or design...just make it as big or small as the stains you're trying to cover up! I cut out an M in the scrap fabric, pinned it on the front of the onesie and then straight-stitched it on. I then went over the edges with a tight zig-zag to prevent fraying and to give it a cute border. It was a little tough maneuvering the onesie on the sewing machine, and for that reason my M got pushed a little to the left. Next time I'll start my stitching in the middle of the M rather than on the side. I think that will help keep it centered.
It's far from perfect, but that's kind of what I like about it. It's got a handmade look. 
This was relatively easy and really quick, and those yellow stains are no more, that is, until Minnie gets some new ones all around the M. It's inevitable.

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  1. You can also dye them to covet up some stains. I plan on doing that for the next baby with the dozens of onsie that I have.