Saturday, June 30, 2012

a saturday in philly

We spent last Saturday in Philadelphia. It's only about an hour and a half drive so a day trip was easily doable. Parking is absolutely ridiculous in that place, so we ended up paying $16 or so for the day, which was actually on the cheaper side. We arrived at 11 am and the tickets to see the inside of Independence Hall were gone...for the entire day! Minnie and I had seen it in March, but I was excited for Bob to see it. He was a good sport about it, but we should have gotten there earlier. Wah wah. 
We only wanted to park once and the sites we wanted to see were all over the place, so we ended up walking 5 or more miles across the city, which was surprisingly nice. We stopped for lunch, little shops, cookies, a rest in the shade and some people watching. It was delightful.

Philly is no New York city or Chicago, but I still really enjoy it. I think the coolest part about it is its history. Maybe we'll see more of it next time!

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