Wednesday, June 27, 2012

our weekend in washington dc

We have had some really great weekends traveling and I am a bit behind in keeping up to date. Two weekends ago we made our way down to my grandparent's house in Maryland so Bob could finally see Washington, DC in all its glory and so we could also spend some quality time with Grams and Gramps. How I love those two! They have been so good to us. We are only about a two-hour drive from their house, and they live just about 20 minutes from downtown DC...perfect! Gettysburg is about smack dab in between us so we made an hour stop there on our way.
 Minnie was quite the hit with the bus load of Asian tourists. The minute they saw her they all crowded around me, and the next thing I knew she was being passed from person to person for pictures. I have never seen Min looked so bewildered. When she finally made eye contact with me she started crying, so they handed her back to me, only to start taking pictures with both of us. I have never felt so famous.
That evening we went to dinner with my grandparents and watched an episode of NCIS New York with them (or was it Blue Bloods? I can't remember). Those two are serious about their criminal investigation shows. The next morning we gave ourselves a walking tour of DC and Georgetown and were both totally pooped by the end of the day. Can I just tell you what a dream the jogger stroller has been for traveling? Minnie will sleep in that thing for hours on end, allowing us to tour around while she doesn't miss her nap. Dream come true, I tell you!
 There is a merry-go-round in the large plaza between all the Smithsonian museums and since Minnie had never been on a ride before, we thought it could be fun. You can't tell from the pictures, but Minnie was in serious dream land. As we started to move her face lit up brighter than I've ever seen. During the course of the ride she would randomly shriek out these joyous noises I have never heard, smiling a big three-tooth smile and kicking her feet against the side of the horse. I was dying.
That evening we went with my grandpa to the temple. I've been to the grounds of the DC temple before, but never inside. My grandma was brave enough to watch Minnie for the evening. Apparently she tried to put her down for a nap but accidentally forgot to put in the binki and Minnie went berserk. After 45 minutes she saw it sitting on the table, popped it in, and Minnie was an angel. Upon our return we found the house totally dark, and wondered whether they'd both been kidnapped or something. After a little investigation around the place, we found them fast asleep together on the Lazy Boy recliner. Grams was nervous to move after Minnie fell asleep in her arms, so they'd been like that for 2 hours. Oh, thank you Grandma! You are a real champ.
 On Sunday we enjoyed a lovely Father's Day together, with a delightful meal prepared by my grandma. I have great aspirations to be as good of a cook as she is one day. We had such a lovely weekend with them. Truly, no one could be better hosts. I'm sad we didn't get a picture with them, but we'll be down there again next month, so we'll get one then. Currently they're sailing around in Europe with friends, so we'll have to wait for their return.

Minnie and I made Bob this banner for Father's Day. She's pretty excited about it, as you can tell. How I love this guy! I know I always rave about him on this blog, but a girl's got to gush about her guy somewhere, right? I also tell him as well, but I think it means more in writing. I love you Bob. You really are the greatest.

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  1. Glad I recommended such a great jogger stroller for you! Looks like you guys are having a blast!