Sunday, September 23, 2012

bear lake

Bear Lake was a sleepy little town this weekend. The water was cold, but Minnie didn't mind...obviously.
Rocks were in mouths a plenty. We're still working on teaching her how to throw rather than eat rocks. Those eight little teeth of hers don't stand a chance.
Min slept terribly for the first night in a long time so we came home early. wah wah.
I go berzerk sleeping in the same room with her. Thus, I'm not sure if we can ever go camping.
Le Beau's drive in was divinity. Robert and I ordered fries AND onion rings. It's a must when they offer free fry sauce.
We love having friends who have friends with great places to stay. We also love just having great friends.
This will probably be the last outdoor swim and sunburn of the year. Sad.
Maybe next year Minnie and I will learn how to sleep in the same room and make it past 5 AM.
And maybe we'll remember to pack a swim diaper so Minnie doesn't almost drown from the water weight her diaper soaked up.

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