Friday, September 21, 2012

transformation station

Some friends of ours were moving to Canada and were selling pretty much everything they owned...for CHEAP! I was on the the hunt for a changing table and just so happened to come across their ad on KSL. And guess how much they were charging for this little beauty? $5!! Such a steal!

It is now one of the only pieces of furniture, or really anything besides clothes, that we own in this house, so of course I had big plans for it. It had great bones, it just needed a bit of a facelift. Bob's vote was yellow, mine was turquoise, but just this once I gave into Bob's style preference. And here's the finished product...

The changing table was probably the cheapest piece of the whole project. Fabric is pricey people! Luckily JoAnn's was having a slight sale. I got the baskets for like $1 each at Goodwill and spray painted them to match. I followed this tutorial for the changing pad cover. The nice thing about it is it can be changed so I could make another one really quickly if I wanted to go for a little bit different color scheme. In the end I'm pretty pleased. It definitely gives the upstairs a PUNCH of color that I was hoping for. Pretty bright, eh??


  1. Oh my gosh I love this! So stinkin cute.

  2. so dang cute. i want a yellow crib someday!!! :)