Tuesday, September 18, 2012

two weeks in calgary summed up in 1,000 photos

Min and I returned from Calgary yesterday, and although we'll probably see the Adseros in the next month or so, it was still hard to say goodbye. Charlotte is one of my best friends and I have dreams of living in the same city one day, but I have to remind myself that will likely never happen...darn you Exxon Mobile. 

Baby Eldon was due September 13 and Minnie and I were to arrive a week or so before he came into the world. It just so happened that he was born the day we arrived, September 4. I'm glad we came as early as we did so I could help! Char was in the hospital for a few days, so that left me and Matt with lots of quality time together with the kids. Costco runs, cleaning, visits to the hospital, HGTV and ESPN got us through those few days until Char got home. She ended up recovering surprisingly quick and we were still able to get some fun visits in to the zoo, the petting farm, walks to downtown and miniature golf. She's a champ. Anyhow, this here novel load of pictures will give you a good taste of the adventures we had while corralling 4 crazy children.

Min was terrible on the plane, both to and from Calgary. Luckily we ended up with an empty seat beside us on both flights, but it didn't help much. This was the face she made the majority of the flight.

Little Eldon Adsero. How I love him.

And this, my friends, is what happens when I'm in charge of the kidlets...

Lincoln requested I take this picture of him at the zoo in front of the waterfall. He is so hilarious.

Way more interested in snacks than taking a picture with me. Whatever.

Lincoln's first day of preschool. The kid was SO excited, especially to wear his new puppy backpack.

Minnie hasn't been around too many animals, and therefore, hasn't really been a fan of them. When we arrived at the Adsero's Minnie would barely let me set her down she was so afraid of their dog, Lucy. However, within a few days she started getting used to all the licks to the face and sniffs in the ears and actually began to think Lucy was funny. She'd run over to her and gently pat her back and say, "Pa pa pa pa" meaning, "Pat, pat, pat, pat." By the time we went to the petting farm, Minnie was a natural. She wasn't even one bit scared. I think I was more scared than she was, especially of the piglets, who tried to eat my shoelaces. Charlotte and I probably looked like lunatics trying to run with all the children out of the pen as we screeched.

Dreams really do come true. I have wanted to both pet a sheep and milk a goat my entire life and this little animal farm fulfilled two for two. It was life changing.

The nearly complete Calgary temple.

Matt's parents came to town about a week after we did, which was supposed to be the day before Eldon was born, but by then he was already a week old. Oh, well. Matt actually has to stay up at site for a few days each week, so it is good they'll be home with Charlotte to help with the wee ones.

The Adseros were nice enough to take care of the kids for a few hours so Charlotte and I could go out and do something sans children. We both felt almost naked without them, but at the same time quite liberated. Charlotte took me downtown to Stephen Avenue, where there are a bunch of cute restaurants and bars. We ate at an Irish pub and had the most wonderful apple and brie hamburger and sweet potato fries. It was such a nice afternoon.

When Matt got back from site we walked down to China town for dinner. There was a big party of Asians next to us who were all slightly intoxicated and were performing loud toasts every other minute. It was wonderful because any peep our kiddos made seemed like a whisper in comparison. Perfect dining experience.

Life is rough when the ipad gets taken away. Story of Lincoln's life.

They're going to kill me for this one day, but I love love love it!

We had such a good time and I was so grateful I could go and help. Eldon is a dream. Can't wait to see you soon Char! Love you.

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