Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a wee bit sad in my heart

My sister and her boys leave tomorrow.
I know, I know, they've been here for nearly two weeks now and I should be grateful we've been able to hang so long, but look at this day we've spent together. How could I not miss days like these?
Most of our days have been made up of lots of babies crying and kids fighting and a messy (I mean seriously messy) house. But I love it.
I think she thinks I'm grateful they're on their way. Let this be the final word...I wish you could stay with us forever.

Sisters are built-in friends, and I've seriously lucked out because I have three of the coolest sisters of all time. I wish we never had to say goodbye to each other.
I wish every day could be like today. A little less crying than usual, lovely fall weather and a walk downtown.
I suppose the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" is true, but to be honest, I wish I never had to experience any distance so I wouldn't know any differently.

Oh...I suppose life will go on, and Minnie and I will survive our days without Char and her ragamuffins (just barely).
And then we'll see them again in GUAM for Christmas (wahoo!) and it will feel like we'd never been apart.
Just the way I like it.
But I'm going to miss you like mad, soul sister.
Am I crazy to be tearing up now as I write this? I can't help it.


  1. So funny, I think I saw your blog from . . . someone else's. I can't remember whose!

    Anyway, I am Danielle Brown's sister :) I saw your pictures and thought . . . I know her somehow. What a fun blog and cutest family you have! Maybe you can help me convince Danielle to get a blog too! Hope you don't mind, I will probably be a frequent reader now!

  2. This makes me miss my sissy. We're years apart but we love each other like mad. I find you from the blog hop link. I love your pictures.

    I Dress Like a Star

  3. Aww too cute, Sorry they are leaving but what cute photos you have with them! Also what a gorgeous family you have! Thanks for your comments on my blog! following you back!


  4. Oh, lovely photos! :)

  5. Found your blog on Follow Me Wednesday and I'm your newest follower =) Your family is SO cute! Check out my blog if you get a chance.



  6. Wonderful photo's. I live super far away from my sister too. It's so awesome when you get to spend time together even if it's for 2 weeks.

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop *Your newest follwer*

  7. I feel the same way about my much so that when I moved I got the house right across the street from her :) Don't worry too much though, Christmas isn't too far away now

    I Found you via the Followers to Friends hop :)

  8. What a wonderful post and so personal. The bond between sisters is stronger than any other. Beautiful photos! x

  9. My sister and I have never really been able to relate very well, but I'm glad it's been better as we get older. So happy for you to be able to share that bond.

    And LOVE the outfits! ♥

  10. Totally loving your outfit! And the babies are adorable!
    xo Sandra

  11. Oh how lovely to see that you and your sister have such a close bond. Im sure time will fly before u know x im following u from thr followerstofriends blog hop. Im at hope to see u there :)

  12. No you are not crazy for tearing up. I miss my family like crazy on a daily basis. It should be a crime to only be able to see the majority of your family a couple times a year. :/


  13. Hi Laura, I know how much you will miss Charlotte et al because I know how much I miss her too! I of course am excited because tomorrow I will get to see her plus new baby and the boys and Matt too and Lucy too of course! I never get used to the separations from people we care about so much and envy people whose lives allow them to have all their loved ones in the same area. However we are thankful for the times we do have together and the memories we create and the wonderful photos too!
    Love Wynne

  14. You and you're little girl are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following you as well.

  15. Wow, firstly, I miss you too, and was sad to go. I'm glad that the feeling was mutual. I'm glad you took photos of my time there, cause I didn't. Three kids, plus toting a big camera is too much. And secondly... you've got a lot of followers. Whoa.