Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a bachelorette party

One of my best friends, Veronica, is getting married Friday.
F R I D A Y !
I cannot fully express how happy I am for her.
A few friends and I threw a little bachelorette party for her last weekend.
It was CRAAAZY! (actually, the only real crazy parts were the blizzard we had to walk through to get to the restaurant and how much Diet Coke everyone drank at dinner)
It was actually perfectly mild, just the way I'd figured Veronica would want it.
And it was a grand old time.

We rented a room at the Marriott downtown, ate ourselves silly, tested out Veronica's coconut wedding cake (which my friend Shelly is making), talked lots about husbands, love, life, babies, and stayed up way too late discussing politics. Go figure.
The only two left at 9 AM in the morning were me and Shelly, and Robert couldn't come pick us up until he finished a conference call.
So...we braved the morning blizzard and got ourselves some serious soul food breakfast at the Bayleaf Cafe on Main Street.
If you're not counting calories, you should probably go there for breakfast sometime.
The city was perfectly still and lovely as we tromped through the freezing flurries.
And Shelly, who is another of my best friends, was a perfect breakfast date.
Girl getaways are the grandest, especially when celebrating something so lovely as a move into marriagehood.


  1. Looks like a blast! Boy, I am missing the snow since I moved out to Cali.

  2. Awesome Pictures! Thanks for co-hosting the Mingle with me and Jessica. I am following your super cute blog now :)

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  3. Looked like fun!

    ~Elisabeth (The Beekeeper's Granddaughter)