Thursday, November 15, 2012

a morning dance party

My baby was born to groove.
I literally believe she was born with rhythm in her soul.
I think we have dance parties at least three times a day, and it's usually because she indicates she's in the mood.
We'll walk into the kitchen and the first thing she'll point to is the CD player under the cabinet.
She is also a sucker for any kind of buttons she can push, so all those buttons on the CD player are just a bonus.
As soon as the music is on, those feet of hers can't help themselves but stomp around in circles.
It kind of melts my heart.

This morning we got down in our (too small) pj's, runny noses and all.
Itsy bitsy spider was a huge hit but every song received a round of applause at the end.
Obviously we had ourselves the time of our lives.


  1. How freaking adorable! I want to join in on this dance party.

  2. I just love her and her dance moves! She cracks me up. And don't worry, we were totally sporting the too small Jammies and runny nose too!

  3. Please tell me you catch this on video!

  4. What a doll! My son and her would be great friends... we dance every morning too!

  5. Can't believe she can still squeeze into those jammies!!! Are those 6-9 monthers?? That one of her chubby dubby can be used as blackmail when she's a teenager.

  6. I LOVE not having to type in the impossible to read letters and numbers to make a comment, BTW.

  7. there is nothing cuter than babies dancing :)

  8. those pjs are the best!
    we wear ours till they are to small too!
    your daughter is a dolllll :]

  9. Um that is the cutest thing ever. I love her teethefs, her too small jammies, and her facial expressions! So darn cute! Happy weekend!!!


  10. What a doll! My son loves to dance too. I blame it on Yo Gabba Gabba : )

  11. Laura I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  12. such adorable pictures!! I hope if i have a kid they will want to groove too!