Monday, January 21, 2013

a little valentine cheer

I'm sure you've seen these all over Pinterest, as have I, but I decided it looked easy enough and I needed a little holiday cheer and craftiness in my life so it was time to create my own.
Seriously, it was SO easy and was a lot of fun to make.

I am honestly the WORST at cutting out shapes by hand.
Ask my sister, the first 3 hearts I tried to cut out on my own were truly disastrous.
Luckily I had a heart-shaped cookie cutter nearby to save the day, so I just traced the shape on the felt and cut from there.
Perfect hearts every time.
You may like a more rustic look with hearts of different sizes, so if you're good at cutting out hearts yourself, props to you...go for it!

Once you've finished cutting out your hearts lay them out side-by-side to see if the garland will be the length you'd like.
Start sewing a straight stitch horizontally on your first heart and then place the second heart right behind it so you just sew together one after the next.

Some of mine overlapped slightly, which I actually kind of like.
Once you've got all of them sewn together in a straight line take some ribbon and stitch about a foot and a half of it on each end.
And voila! Your garland is complete. This seriously took me about 45 minutes total to complete.

If you want your hearts to lay flat, string the garland against a wall, a mantle or some other flat surface.
However, I really liked the way the hearts strung over our window kind of went every which way.

Happy (almost) Valentines day!
We've got to find something to celebrate around here because this weather is killing us!


  1. LOVE your cute valentines decorations!!

  2. Such a cute idea! I actually haven't seen this yet so I'm glad that you posted this.