Friday, January 25, 2013

lil' sista's turn

So it is officially birthday week at our house. Robert was the 22nd, Julia was yesterday (the 24th) and I'm tomorrow (the 26th).
I put up a birthday banner on Robert's birthday and will leave it up until Sunday.
When I was little I sometimes despised having to share a birthday, especially because everything for me always came AFTER Julia got all of her gifts.
But now, I actually really love it, and I get to share it with both my husband and my sister.
And let's be honest, January is one of the most depressing months of the year so it really helps to have THREE things to celebrate in the midst of the gray skies and inversion.

I can't tell you how much we love having Julia live with us.
Not only because she helps with the dishes and is pure entertainment for Minnie (my dream!), but because she is just so easy to be around and makes me so, so happy.
Sisters are seriously the best in my book.
I feel a little badly that her birthday was a little too much of an adult (aka boring) birthday.
We did, however, celebrate a little with chocolate chip pancakes in the morning, a little outing to Toasters for lunch and some ice cream late at night after Bob's b-ball game.

Oh Jigs, you really are my dream girl.
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, and my (almost) birthday twin for life.
Love you forever.


  1. Payday loans??? Wha?? Where are the posts? It's been 4 days. Is Julia distracting you?