Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a weekend to end birthday week with a bang

Birthdays on Saturday are the best because you get to spend them with everyone you love.
Robert braved the cold Saturday morning and brought me donuts, which are my all time favorite breakfast food (except for the fact that I feel like a need a 10 hour nap and a bottle of Tums every time I eat them).
The weather outside was seriously disgusting...the thickest inversion fog I've seen in a long time.
We weren't going to let Mother Nature rain on our parade though.
Julia and I spent the morning doing facials at my sister-in-law Megan's house and eating MORE donuts.
What are birthdays for but pampering and glutting yourself? I felt great about it.

We spent much of the weekend at Megan and my brother Nick's house, which was wonderful.
Megan is a woman who does birthdays right and she and Nick spoiled us like crazy.
Best food and best company hands down.
We also got to Skype with my parents for a little while, which Minnie loved as usual.
Obviously we wish they could be with us, but thank the heavens above for Skype because we feel like we actually get to see them once in awhile.

Minnie is now a professional at blowing out candles after this week.
The girl is ready for her 2nd birthday (which is still 6 months away...but she's ready!)
She also did some dressing up and plenty of mischief making during our partying, which is to always be expected.

How am I 27?? I'm in my late 20's! I guess I have been for a year, but 27 just sounds a lot different than 26.
Megan always says 30 is the new 20. I'm sticking to that notion.
I don't feel a day older than 17 and I don't think I ever will.
I hope I always live my life that way.
Here's to new adventures, new experiences and putting myself out there in this 28th year of my life!
I have a feeling 27 is going to be pretty great.

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  1. this sounds like something else... ;)

    except for the fact that I feel like a need a 10 hour nap and a bottle of Tums every time I eat them... just sayin