Monday, February 11, 2013

a date to the library

On Friday my friend Marissa and I took our babes on an outing to the downtown library.
It is on occasions such as these that we wonder why we subject ourselves to such outings with 18-month-olds who love to scream and usually fight over pushing the stroller.
It was neither Minnie or Gray's best day and we got our fair share of sideways glances from librarians, but we persevered and stayed for at least 45 minutes.
And really, in between all the hootin' and hollerin' we all managed to have a pretty good time.

I have always felt like the library is this magical place where you get everything for free and no one is unwelcome.
The library closest to our house is wonderful, but the downtown library is on a level all its own.
I hope that I can instill my love of books and libraries in Minnie.
I love nothing more than seeing her in the living room, sitting down with the book and jabbering to herself out loud as she "reads".
Melts me every time.

Oh, and dear Marissa. That girl is a dream sent from heaven.
She and I had our babes right around the same time and met each other at church shortly after.
We became fast friends. She's the type of person you feel instantly comfortable around and I feel entirely myself with her.
Also, both our husbands are pursuing their graduate degrees at the same time and I think we have been a bit of sanity for each other when they're gone all day (and lots of the night too).
I was lucky to find her.


  1. Love the library. Your photos are fantab. Well done!

  2. aw again your pictures are breathtaking and that is one awesome library.