Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a little of the weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of highs and one major low...Min Min is a sick little pup.
In spite of her constant double barrel and hacking cough, she has managed to be fairly pleasant.
A little bit whiny, but who wouldn't be?

We started Saturday off right with the biggest breakfast of my life at Penny Ann's Cafe with the family.
I literally got what they call "The BIG Breakfast" just because it had everything that sounded good to me.
Don't worry, I didn't eat all of it  (except for the pancakes because they were incredible).

Next on the list...a stop to Costco, because that's what you do on Saturdays, duh!
We were too full for samples, which made all of us a little sad, but we DID get ourselves a nice sized box that kept Minnie entertained for a good part of the rest of the weekend.
She calls it her "house" and now tries to get into any box she sees, even the tiny ones.

Saturday night our friends took Robert and me out for a belated birthday dinner and Julia was kind enough to watch Minnie for us.
We all ate our weight in pasta and it was just so nice to be with good friends.

On Sunday I stayed home from church with the Minster, which made the day feel slightly long.
She played lots of piano, put her doll "nigh nigh" in her "house" (aka the box) and took a badly needed super nap.
I spent the day in my pajamas and only changed into jeans for dinner when Nick, Megan and their friend Darrin came over.
That spiced up my day a little, as did a rousing game of "Apples to Apples".

Now it's Monday as I write this and Min doesn't seem to be getting any better yet.
At least she slept for the majority of the night last night and has been able to nap today.
Blah! I can't wait for this awful cold to pass and I pray none of the rest of us get it.
Here's wishing good health to the rest of you!


  1. looks like a fun, relaxing weekend!
    i think i'll have to make some pancakes for dinner now,
    that picture looks so yummy!

    from: Take a Walk in Our Shoes

  2. o you have a way of taking ordinary pictures and making them beautiful. breakfast looks fantastic, and the little one is so darling..hope she feels better!