Friday, February 1, 2013

a few things on a friday

1.) The bag I thrifted for $1! that has now become my diaper bag of choice.
2.) Magnetic letters make the fridge a happy place.
3.) Newspaper hearts for Valentines. Origami is good for your soul, I swear it. Tutorial here.
4.) Minnie's water color masterpiece for Dad on his birthday. (Luckily the paint is non-toxic. There was way too much brush in the mouth and dirty water swishing to even attempt that again if it wasn't)
5.) The beads I bought for a bachelorette party two months ago that are now found in every nook and cranny of our house. What can I say, Minnie loves herself a necklace (aka "pretties" in Minnie's book). She'd wear them all at once if she could find them.
6.) We love late birthday surprises in the mail!
7.) Dinner last night. So easy, so delicious.
8.) We are now proud owners of a sled. Minnie is in love.

Happy Friday!!


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