Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i'm trying, january

The moment my bed head rolls off the pillow in the morning I look out the window.
And you know what I've said to myself every morning for the past two weeks?
"Welp, here goes another snow day."
And then Minnie and I proceed to spend the rest of the day in the house, trying to be productive, but mostly just running around in our pajamas, reading books, eating lots of bread ("bed" as Minnie calls it) and dancing to the Taylor Swift CD currently in the kitchen CD player (much to Julia's dismay).

You know what January? I'm really trying to like you, even though staying inside most the day gives me a major headache.
First order of business...buying a snow suit for Minnie. Check!
Now my next order of business is going to be finding a darn sled in this town.
I'm telling you, with these mountains of snow right outside our doorstep the people of SLC have gone mad and purchased every sled in the land.
The hunt is on today. Sled, I will find you. And then I will proceed to drag Minnie around the neighborhood to get some fresh air in my lungs and that headache out of my noggin.

We did go out for an adventure around the block yesterday with Julia.
But you know what? Little legs are the worst at going fast sometimes.
And at other times, they don't like to move at all.
So the walk was more of a meander for 30 minutes as little mitten-covered hands dipped themselves into every inch of snow so some pink little lips could get a good taste of the stuff.
That's what walks are for, I suppose. Discovering.
I still think I would have liked it better if we'd had a sled.

February, if you're much like January I'm going to try really hard to like you too.
If I find that sled I think we're going to be the greatest of friends.

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