Wednesday, March 6, 2013

on being a girl

Yesterday while I was driving I saw a huge ad on a bus next to me that kind of broke my heart.
It was for a lingerie boutique and the woman on the side of the bus was staring right at me, fake eyelashes and all.
I guess what really broke my heart was the realization that this woman, covered in makeup, curled hair (likely extensions), self-tanner, and a push-up bra, is what I think many deem as a real "woman".
Sexy, beautiful, provocative...are these really the most important qualities one should possess?
In so many instances that seems to be the case. In media especially. 
How about intelligent? Funny? Spiritual? Creative?
To me it seems these are all too often forgotten.

Generally I think women believe that all men really notice about a woman are these superficial qualities.
Whether we want to admit it or not, the saddest part about all of this is that often we, as women, play into this role because we feel like that's what's expected.
I've always felt a bitterness toward media and its portrayal of women.
Now, as a mother of a little girl, my senses have become even more heightened.

I want my little Minnie to know how wonderful it is to be a woman.
Already she is innately sweet and kind and nurturing to her little "baby," a feminine quality I hope she always possesses and treasures.
As time goes on, I want her to know that to be a woman is to be kind-hearted, to be driven, to be educated, to be cheerful.
I want her to be secure with who she is, to be confident and to live passionately.
I want her to know what a gift it is to be a mother, to be able to bare and rear children, to feel your body grow and stretch the way God created it to.
I want her to feel the joy that comes from teaching your children about love and life and to watch them discover the beauty around them and to console them when things aren't so beautiful.
I want her to be a woman of faith and strength, a light to those who are lost.
This is a woman.
This is what I hope to embody. 
This is who I want my Minnie to be.


  1. That is sweet. What are you doing up so early posting on the blog? I agree with you on my hate of the media. I am so scared about having to keep my little boys away from porn. Or more like porn away from my little boys.

    As a side note, Minnie's little jacket reminds me of Cruella Deville. Too funny!!

  2. I LOVE this Laura! Seriously, it is so sad how much image (especially for girls) is prioritized! Having Radcliff makes me so nervous for all the times he doesn't feel good enough because to me he is perfect. I hope he can always see himself from how I see him. I can't imagine having a girl! GREAT POST! :)

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