Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lunch with my loves

I think I have ten best friends.
Remember yesterday how I was talking about my three best friends from college? Well they really are.
However, I also still have best friends from elementary school, high school, and even now I've made a few best friends since being married and starting a family.
And honestly, they really are all my best friends, and they each hold a place in my heart and take me back to moments of my life that I really love and treasure.

Elyse is probably one of my earliest best friends.
She and I were practically sisters growing up, fights and all.
We still have a million inside jokes from when we were 7 and she still knows me almost better than anyone.
She's getting married in October and was back in town for the week from NYC to do some wedding prep.
My sister, Julia, and I met up with Elyse and her sisters for lunch yesterday and it felt just like the good old days, except this time we had credit cards and could drive ourselves to the restaurant.
Those Arrington girls are killer. I rarely laugh harder than I do with them.

I've missed Elyse so much since she's been in NYC (going on like 4 or 5 years now) but I have been so impressed by all she's accomplished and the life she has built for herself there.
She recently graduated from Columbia University with a masters degree in education and is currently teaching at a school in the Bronx.
She is a strong little cookie with the biggest personality. I could think of no one better for that job. It's surely not a walk in the park.

So yay for weddings that bring best friends back to SLC.
And yay for the mountains and lovely family lifestyle Utah offers that will eventually (hopefully) bring she and Dave back here in the future...fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh I totally ate there when I was in SLC last month for a wedding! It was so darling and great!