Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring makes for happy hearts

It feels like the world is coming a little more alive each day.
We headed to the park after Bob got home from school yesterday and it felt like everyone was coming out of a hibernation that had lasted 20 years.
Every table was occupied and grills were getting juiced up for the first time in a long time.
It gave me a serious hankering for a hamburger, but then again, that doesn't take much.

Minnie loved feeding the ducks and geese, but she probably loved eating the bread and Cheerios herself even more.
We're working on the "you feed it to the ducks" concept. It's coming slowly.
Gosh, I love that girl! I love watching her experience new things and I'm always surprised by how funny she is.
I wish I could capture every little funny thing she does in my head and keep it there forever.
She's certainly a babe with attitude, and although it can be tiring sometimes, I think that's what makes her so much fun.

Spring is bringing a new energy into my heart and I'm so excited to be able to share this beautiful, blossoming world with Min.
She's at an age of such discovery and wonder and it's so fun to watch her soak up new things.
One of our newest discoveries...flip flops.
She's undecided whether she's for or against them.
The between-the-toes concept was a little hard to handle but I think we made a breakthrough yesterday.
I'm hoping she's "for" them now because they're going to be our go-to shoe of the summer.


  1. Minnie is absolutely precious. :) And that's so funny about the flip flops; they are kind of a strange concept; we're just used to them!

    Dani Rose

  2. We had a couple days of Spring, and now we're back to winter. I got the same kind of flip flops for the boyz and Bennett is against for sure. Lincoln is undecided.