Monday, April 8, 2013

on losing my sense of style {& eating ice cream during nap time}

Robert and I have been so blessed to be able to live rent-free while he's going to graduate school.
House sitting for my parents has honestly been a dream come true.
We're still poor, but we're way less poor than we would be if we were renting.

Trouble is, this little thrift-shopping, do-it-yourself, make-things-pretty heart of mine has kind of been out of commission in the home improvement department for almost two years now...and it's sort of killing me.
I often I even have a style anymore? what do I even like?
From my pins on Pinterest (some of my faves right now ^above^) it looks like I'm really into white and pink.
Not sure if the pink in our living room would fly with Robert, but I might be surprised.

Really, in the grand scheme of things this matters very little. Very little.
I keep trying to remind myself of that.
But with this bulging belly of mine (which seems to grow inches by the day lately) I feel like I'm starting to lose all sense of fashion too, mostly because the majority of my shirts are becoming belly shirts.
It's not a good look.

So in moments like these, during nap time when I'm perusing Pinterest or looking at fabric for pillows I don't even have a place to put, I have to find some sort of other pick-me-up (and it's certainly not folding laundry. Sorry, Bob).

Meet my friend Baskin Robbins...

He always knows how to ease my troubles.


  1. We bought our house a year before we were married in 2008. We were just out of college, my husband about three weeks into his new career and out of his master's program and the best foreclosure imaginable in our dream neighborhood fell into our laps. I thought it was HUGE. I thought it was GIGANTIC. I thought we'd be able to have 700 kids and a zillion pets and I had all these fabulous decorations PLANNED! And then came one baby. Now this place is SO tiny that I feel like we're all stepping on each other's toes constantly. Any decor ideas I had remain ideas and there are just applesauce and fingerpaint stains everywhere. I recall the times I had style and miss it, haha. I LOVE the pictures here that you've pinned!

  2. It's funny, cause I always imagined that my future house would be kinda fun and funky, somewhat similar to what you've pinned, but then we move around so much so I can never make our house a home and then I'm always worried that I won't like what I've done 5 years, so I always make choices that are too conservative. I guess I have more of dad in me than I thought.

  3. I loved what you shared here because due to a variety of different circumstances with my health I am home living at my parents for the next year or two and I have had some of these EXACT same thoughts! AND then I also think... "Rebecca, this shouldn't matter"... but it does... :) hahaha :) I was soo happy to discover your blog (I saw it advertised on He & I) and to be your newest follower!
    :) Rebecca