Tuesday, April 30, 2013

weekend in review

Can I tell you how much I love having people I love come back into my life?
On Friday, our good friend Heather came for a visit from L.A.
Julia and I met her up at Utah State when she randomly through a friend of a friend, became our roommate.
I think it was love at first sight for all of us.
I haven't seen her forever and it's been even longer for Julia (like almost two years). 

Naturally a reunion called indulging for lots of Indian food.
Minnie was a total rascal at dinner, spilling water all over the place and pulling glasses off the table, but with Robert's help we managed to survive.
It was just so nice to see Heather again.
Wish she didn't live in L.A.

Saturday was busy, busy, busy!
We were honestly on the go non-stop and had to wake up Minnie from her nap because of it. 
Sort of tragic, in my opinion.
But, it was a good day and we got lots done and spent time with those we cared about.
The primary children from our church were asked to get together at the Salt Lake temple Saturday afternoon for a group picture.
It was insanity, but also a lot of fun.
I think there were 5,000 weddings going on when we arrived so we were probably in all of their pictures.
Also, maneuvering 15+ children around a busy place is like herding cats.

Minnie loves the temple. She can spot it from a mile away and will yell out "temple!" as soon as she sees it.
It's a good reminder to me to always be looking towards the temple.
Little babes are such smarties.
One of her favorite songs is "I Love to See the Temple." She requests it on a regular basis and often starts singing it under her breath as she bustles around the house playing.
It's the cutest.
She was SO excited to be up close and personal with the temple on Saturday and kept touching it and saying "temple" and "touch".

My favorite photo of all of these is the one of she and her new little boyfriend.
She wouldn't sit still for the picture so Robert placed her on the kid's lap.
As soon as he did she went dead still and stone faced.
Look at them! They kill me!
Does he or does he not look like Buzz from "Home Alone" in that picture?

Later that night we had friends over for a little bbq at our house.
I'm sad I didn't get any pictures because it may be the last time until fall that we'll hang out with Marissa and Drew, our besties.
They're moving to Oregon for the summer and I'm just praying we end up staying in SLC so we can continue to raise our kids together.
Love them.

All in all, the weekend was a success.
It is 10:14 Monday morning as I write this and little Min is still snoozing.
A tired baby means a fun weekend, right?

Happy Tuesday!

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